Gutter Repair and Cleaning is Essential. Here’s How Much It Costs.

November 30, 2022 0 Comments

Gutters help protect your roof and channel water away from the sidewalks and driveway. Over time, however, your gutters become impacted with leaves, branches, and other debris, preventing a clear water flow in the gutter. This means it is extremely important to maintain them.

Cleaning gutters is essential, but it is also time-consuming and difficult work to do. Additionally, if you do not have the right tools on hand, it can prove dangerous as well. Instead, you need to stay safe and bring professionals from time to time to clean your gutters without any complications. Before you bring in the pros though, make sure you understand the cost to clean gutters ahead of time.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Gutters?

Naturally, the more square footage you have to clean, the more expensive it is going to be. A house that has 100 feet of gutters is going to cost more than one that has 50 feet. Most locations are going to charge by the length they have to clean. There are not too many variables at play regarding how much the cleaning process is going to cost, so it ultimately comes down to how each individual contractor charges you.

Two Story House

For many locations, the cost to clean the second floor is more than the first floor. It requires additional ladders and labor. When looking for gutter repair and cleaning services, make sure to establish the following:

  • cost per foot
  • cost for a second or third floor

    Gutter Access

The kind of gutter you have makes all the difference. If you have an open-face gutter, it is easier to clean because you don’t need to remove a grated protector. On the flip side, a protector does prevent larger debris from collecting in the gutter, so it might reduce the frequency of cleanings. This can, however, mean that a cleaning crew must work on top of the grate to clear debris that has become stuck. Having the gutter protectors installed can save you money over time, but the cost per cleaning might go up.

Repeat Visits

It can pay to go through the same cleaning company multiple times. They may offer you a discount for returning, especially if you live in a wooded area where your gutters fill up quickly. Whenever booking a company for the first time, make sure to ask if they offer repeat discounts.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Gutters

The average cost to repair gutters is between $150 and $630 with several factors that can affect the overall price. This is why you have to take some time to compare estimates from professional companies in your location.…

5 Questions To Ask Your Gutter Installation Contractor

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Choosing a contractor you can trust can be quite daunting as it is a very costly investment, and let’s face it, we’ve all heard the horror stories of non-reputable construction and contracting companies. Here are the top 5 questions you should always ask your potential contractor…

1) Are You Insured?

Make sure the gutter installation company you are considering carries general liability insurance. This is the insurance that protects your home from damage or negligence of the contractor, his employees, or any subcontractors hired and brought onto your property.

Anyone can say they are insured, but it is essential that they prove this with a copy of the insurance certificate. Check the names and expiration dates.

What are the risks? If something goes wrong you have three choices:

(1) pay for the damages and repairs out of your own pocket

(2) go after the contractor for the costs with an expensive court battle

(3) try to get your homeowner’s policy to cover any damages

There is no guarantee of course that they will cover the loss. Insurance companies do their best to protect themselves by having verbiage in their contract that might require you to only hire licensed contractors and prove the work has been properly permitted. Contractors without insurance usually don’t follow many of the other rules that insurance companies usually require either.

2) Are You a Member of the BBB or other Organizations?

Well-established companies are affiliated with professional organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. In order to become a member, the contractor’s background and references are thoroughly investigated. While a new contractor may not be a member of any professional organizations, it is highly unlikely an established contractor would not be a member of at least one, unless there is a reason that he cannot join.

Ask your contractor what organizations they are a member of and do your research.

3) Do You Use Sub-Contractors or Your Own Employees?

In recent years, many remodelers have taken up the subcontractor mantle — for trades in particular. But many feel just as strongly that having employees is the model to follow. There is, of course, no right or wrong way to run your business — just consider the strengths and challenges of each when it comes to your particular installation.

4) Do You Have a List of Verifiable References?

A good contractor will be happy to provide you with dozens of written references. One of the best ways to gauge a company’s abilities is by talking to its past customers. Ask them how well the company met their promises, did they deliver on time, and most importantly would you hire them again or recommend them to others.

5) Do You Guarantee Your Work?

This is one of the most forgotten questions for customers. You wouldn’t buy a car without a warranty, would you? Ask about the warranty and ask if it is in writing. Never accept a verbal warranty of “If something breaks, don’t worry, I’ll fix it.” Always insist on a warranty in writing.  A one-year warranty is a minimum you should expect, two years is better.…

Want To Install New Gutters? Read This First!

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A gutter is an important home asset useful for preventing water leakages from rainwater pouring down the sides of the house. Water flowing down the side walls of a home is dangerous. Sooner or later it will start penetrating through cracks, erode the walls, and cause damage to the wood material. New gutters should be beautiful and add to your curb appeal. However, achieving this beauty is subject to your choices on installation.

New Gutter Installations Tips

When it comes to new gutter repair and installations, this is a job best left to the professionals. However,  if you know how to install gutters it will go a long way to ensuring you get what you need from a contractor too.

If an inexperienced and unskilled laborer handles the job you will recognize it immediately.

How To Install New Gutters

The idea behind the installation of gutters is to allow water to flow off the roof into a safer place.

Begin the process of installation with some essential planning. Planning your gutter installation project well will ensure that you can figure out a budget for the material and tools needed for the job. Then start taking some measurements.

While measuring the length of your gutters, always remember that the downspout side needs to be a little lower than the side without a downspout. This will ensure that water flows in the direction of the downspout and right down through it.

To save a lot of inconvenience be sure to adopt use of a power drill to place in the screws which must be resistant to rust.

Once the installation starts, ensure that you install it section by section and afterward join the sections to the gutter using the needed connectors.
After you might have attached the gutter parts, obtain some silicone and use it between the various sections to protect against leakages plus to ensure proper attachment

After you have connected the downspout, you should mount the bracket to make sure it is fastened safely into the building.

Additional Features To Consider

Even though bare gutter installation is occasionally enough, you are bound to eventually save more money if you consider a couple of additional features. Some of the most important features that will improve the efficiency and durability of your gutters include:

  •  Gutter guards: This is a mesh guard that will prevent leaves and debris from entering your gutters. This will save you the cost of hiring a professional gutter cleaner every now and then.
  • Wire mesh screens: This will discourage pests and rodents from making homes in your gutters. It also reduces the number of clogged gutters or spouts you have to clean when the rain sets in.
  • Heating tape: This can prevent your gutters from icing. You might have to spend $80 per 100 feet of heat tape but you will secure your gutters and prevent damage during the cold weather.
  • Downspout screens: An alternative if you don’t want to install gutter guards. You will still have to clean the gutters but you won’t stand the risk of blocking the gutters.


If you are in the market for some new gutter installation and considering a DIY installation, remember that professional installers can get the job done with the least amount of hassle.…