Want To Install New Gutters? Read This First!

November 29, 2022 0 Comments

A gutter is an important home asset useful for preventing water leakages from rainwater pouring down the sides of the house. Water flowing down the side walls of a home is dangerous. Sooner or later it will start penetrating through cracks, erode the walls, and cause damage to the wood material. New gutters should be beautiful and add to your curb appeal. However, achieving this beauty is subject to your choices on installation.

New Gutter Installations Tips

When it comes to new gutter repair and installations, this is a job best left to the professionals. However,  if you know how to install gutters it will go a long way to ensuring you get what you need from a contractor too.

If an inexperienced and unskilled laborer handles the job you will recognize it immediately.

How To Install New Gutters

The idea behind the installation of gutters is to allow water to flow off the roof into a safer place.

Begin the process of installation with some essential planning. Planning your gutter installation project well will ensure that you can figure out a budget for the material and tools needed for the job. Then start taking some measurements.

While measuring the length of your gutters, always remember that the downspout side needs to be a little lower than the side without a downspout. This will ensure that water flows in the direction of the downspout and right down through it.

To save a lot of inconvenience be sure to adopt use of a power drill to place in the screws which must be resistant to rust.

Once the installation starts, ensure that you install it section by section and afterward join the sections to the gutter using the needed connectors.
After you might have attached the gutter parts, obtain some silicone and use it between the various sections to protect against leakages plus to ensure proper attachment

After you have connected the downspout, you should mount the bracket to make sure it is fastened safely into the building.

Additional Features To Consider

Even though bare gutter installation is occasionally enough, you are bound to eventually save more money if you consider a couple of additional features. Some of the most important features that will improve the efficiency and durability of your gutters include:

  •  Gutter guards: This is a mesh guard that will prevent leaves and debris from entering your gutters. This will save you the cost of hiring a professional gutter cleaner every now and then.
  • Wire mesh screens: This will discourage pests and rodents from making homes in your gutters. It also reduces the number of clogged gutters or spouts you have to clean when the rain sets in.
  • Heating tape: This can prevent your gutters from icing. You might have to spend $80 per 100 feet of heat tape but you will secure your gutters and prevent damage during the cold weather.
  • Downspout screens: An alternative if you don’t want to install gutter guards. You will still have to clean the gutters but you won’t stand the risk of blocking the gutters.


If you are in the market for some new gutter installation and considering a DIY installation, remember that professional installers can get the job done with the least amount of hassle.